Marie (4C): The classes 4C and 4D were divided in three groups. Every group had their own native speaker. I was in the group with Adam, he was here for two days but then he had to leave and Dave took our group. He was nice and sometimes really funny. In these days we talked a lot in English, did group projects and also watched a movie and played games. This week was one of the best weeks in this whole school year. We learned a lot and had a cool time together. 

Anja, Nicole, Marlies (4C): There were native speakers from different countries, for example England and South Africa. During the English week we played many games and went on a city tour through Gleisdorf. We did a few projects and presentations, so one group had to organize a trip to an English speaking city and the other group invented a board game. We weren’t under any pressure, we just had to speak English, no matter how good our English was. We discussed and learned vocabulary we wouldn’t learn in ordinary English lessons. The best thing: We did not do any grammar and did not get any homework! We want to do the English week again because it was such a great time and the native speakers were really nice!  

Ece, Lisa (4C): We had a lot of fun and Mrs. Christmas was really nice. We were not allowed to speak German, only English. On Thursday our group began to develop a game, we called it “The Christmas Hike”. On the last day we ordered pizza and Mrs. Christmas brought us some drinks. Her husband, John, played Bingo with us. We think that was an exciting week! 

Fabio, Clemens, Moritz (4C): During the English week we had a lot of fun because we played many exciting games. We also went outside, did some activities there and later prepared a presentation. Sadly, we also did some grammar. On Friday, we did our presentation and we also watched a Christmas movie. 

Daniel, Elias (4C): On Monday the 13th of December, three native speakers came to our school, Adam, John and Mrs. Christmas. Our group was with Adam. On the first day we were very nervous but Adam was a very nice guy. He started with a cool guessing game to introduce himself. We could understand him easily because he spoke nice English. On Tuesday we started working on presentations; we got some money and went to Vegas with it. Mrs. Christmas did a scavenger hunt with us in Gleisdorf. On Wednesday, Adam had to leave and Dave replaced him. Dave grew up in South Africa and went to Slovenia with this wife and his two children. He spoke really fast but we could understand everything. 

Gabriel, Fabian, Alex (4C): In our opinion the last day was the best one because we played many games. Basically, every day was awesome. We also ordered pizza but it was so expensive, the delivery guy was very stressed, but we hope he is good now. That was the best week of my life! 


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