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It was the last chance to show our skills and knowledge we have gained after seven years of studying English in the form of a play. We decided to focus on the topic of overpopulation for our very last EAA project.

Moreover, we thought that it is essential to show people that not only overpopulation is the cause for some issues on planet earth. After deciding on the topic we started filming videos, rephrasing and recording songs, preparing our costumes and writing our scripts. Scene after scene was established with a lot of ambition and enthusiasm and at the end we can say that it was worth the effort. It was not always easy, because at some points we had to regain our motivation but we still had a great time filled with amusement. Last but not least we want to thank Mrs. Huber, who always supports us and gives us the inspiration we need.

Johanna Knirsch, 7C

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