Last week from February 26th to March 1st) our class, 4E, together with 4C had their English week. Three different native speakers came to our school, and they were very friendly. Derek comes from Edmonton in Canada, Lou from London and Curt from Scotland. My friends and I had a lot of fun because we spoke a lot of English and we learned a lot about different countries.

We were divided into four groups and we got points for nearly every game. At the end of the week everyone got a prize. We played lots of different games, for example computer and activity games. In groups we created a computer game for which we had to draw the pictures ourselves and write a story about the game as well.

On Wednesday we went out with Curt and we played soccer and basketball. Derek showed us a video about Edmonton, I think that Edmonton is a very interesting city because you can go shopping and there are also some cool sights and a fantastic water park, too! Derek is a big fan of the NHL (National Hockey League) and we both like the Edmonton Oilers. Lou told us a lot about British food, shopping and some tourist attractions. And she also told us that the working day in England starts much later than in Austria. With Curt we solved some puzzles and each group had to present an invention.

I enjoyed the English week, because it was interesting and it was fun, too.

Julian Lebler, 4E

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